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Chinese Massage & Acupressure (Tui Na)

Tui Na is Chinese massage used for healing. It is a very ancient art thought to predate 2500 BC. The words Tui Na mean to push or grab and the massage method is used alongside deep tissue acupressure (pressing on specific energy points of the body) and meridian stretches to treat illness, injury, for general physical/emotional/spiritual well being and also is great to help relaxation.

The massage is done to target specific areas of the body or a full body massage can be performed depending on the requirements.

Tui Na can be performed fully clothed on a massage table a chair or the padded floor depending on the type of massage required.

Initial consultation - £20 (approx. 30 minutes)

Tui Na Massage

£15 for 20 minutes

£30 for 40 minutes

£45 for 1 hour

Please contact us for more information.